Updated with signing of Atogwe

In signing O.J. Atogwe, the Redskins have made a move that is drawing solid reviews.

At 29, he should be a defensive fixture for the team for years to come. And he has plenty of personality and a fabulous <strike>toy</strike> action-figure and comic-book collection (via Matt Terl at the Redskins blog). There’s no reason to think he won’t be an extremely popular player.

He also wore No. 21. That’s a number that no Redskins player has worn since it belonged to Sean Taylor, but, with the arrival of Atogwe -- who may not even want the number -- is it time to consider giving it to him or to any player?

This isn’t an easy topic, with memories of Taylor’s presence on the field and his death still fresh. And certainly there are other players who’ve played significant roles with the Redskins and wore the number before Taylor. The debate began last week, when Ryan John Estorninos raised the question at Riggo’s Rag:

“Sean Taylor is my all-time favorite Redskin because of the way he played the game on the field, and knowing that he died protecting his family. We now have a totally new regime in charge. A group that was totally not connected to Taylor or the incident. I have a feeling that a new no. 21 could hit the field, but are we ready to see it?”

At Brooding Burgundy, Brent Carothers wrote:

“...For a short generation of Redskins fans, Sean Michael Maurice Taylor was the most impressive player we’ve ever followed. He was fierce and explosive. He made every play exciting. He left his last ounce of energy and spirit on the field for us... the very least we can do in return is to hereafter leave his number off of it.

”Many players have previously worn #21 in Washington, including some figures without whom the Redskins’ history would be incomplete. But to me and legions of others, its most recent owner will forever hold a very special place in our hearts.”

I raised the question on Twitter last week and got a wide range of answers and the emotion intensified with the signing of Atogwe. How do you feel?

No. Never, in my opinion. RT @CindyBoren Is it time to consider giving #21 to another #Redskin?less than a minute ago via Plume Philip B. Senerchia

@CindyBoren @burgundy 21 is only for Sean Taylorless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhoneUnki3

@CindyBoren no way!!!! 21 is for one person only, who was robbed of his life and would of no doubt had a career worthy of number retirement!less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®Adam Boggess

@CindyBoren @Burgundy Ken Houston and Pat Fischer were both more to the Redskins as safeties, and their jersey numbers aren’t retired.less than a minute ago via webMike S

@CindyBoren @Burgundy I don’t know I mean its going to be weird whenever they do it... #Redskin #Redskinsless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®RD Smith

@CindyBoren Yes it is time to let someone have #21 if they request it.less than a minute ago via SwiftBrownie Muldoon

@CindyBoren Yep. He was originally 36 let’s move on because soon we will not have any numbers to disperse. He only played 3 yrs also.less than a minute ago via Twitter for Androidmichael w. forrest

The Redskins aren’t a team that retires numbers. Last August, when Russ Grimm was going into the Hall of Fame, owner Dan Snyder said there were no plans to retire Grimm’s number but that the team’s approach could change. “We haven’t retired numbers much here, before I got here,” Snyder said. “I think that we’re going to look at things in the future a little bit.”