Looking svelte, Timmy. (Eric Risberg/AP)

But after bulking up following the team’s 2010 World Series title run, ‘The Freak,’ showed up at the Giants fanfest last weekend feeling fitter than ever.

Lincecum, a two-time National League Cy Young award winner who recently signed a two-year deal to stay by the bay, said he lost 22 pounds over the winter — mostly due to a decision to kick his fast food habits.

“You take your first bite of a McDonald’s burger and it’s like ‘Why did I buy this?’” Lincecum told reporters. “You feel instantly sick. That’s what ended up happening with all these places and why I started eliminating them. I take a bite and I’m like ‘I can’t even finish this.’ So I just started going for stuff that made me feel better. I’m not crushing vegetables by any means, but I’m definitely eating better.”

“I’m not crushing vegetables by any means, but I’m definitely eating better.” (Paul Connors/AP)

“I think I kind of went overboard putting on the weight and not knowing how to control it,” Lincecum said. “Your knees start to bother you, and your ankles. Getting away from that has made it a lot easier for me.”

Lincecum’s decision to eat smarter — and hit the pool — follows a season in which Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval dropped 38 pounds (from 278 down to 240) and saw his production approach the 2009 numbers that landed him seventh in NL MVP voting.

Meantime, bearded closer Brian Wilson spent the 2011 postseason posing as the poster boy for Taco Bell. But Lincecum expressed doubt about whether Wilson was fit for the role, disputing Wilson’s claim that he eats at the fast food chain.

“Yeah, I’ve had Taco Bell,” Wilson told Bay Area Sports Guy. “C’mon, I’m human.”

Lincecum signed a two-year, $40.2 million deal to remain with the Giants last week — a far cry from the long-term deal the team and its fans had wanted.

And while the 27-year-old, shaggy-haired righty says he would “love to be a Giant my whole career,” the reality is the team may not be able to afford him when he hits the open market.

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