Hey, Hines Ward won “Dancing With the Stars.”

I know, I know. It’s noticing things like that — and that he wore Pittsburgh Steelers colors while winning — that makes one thing crystal clear: The NFL lockout really cannnot end soon enough. Okay, two things: Steeler Nation has a lot of time on its hands.

Ward said he was treating the show “like it’s ‘Monday Night Football’ ” and, like a good teammate, said after winning, “Starting this competition, I never thought I'd be in the finals, but, you know, I owe it all to Kym.”

That would be his partner Kym Johnson, who recovered from a scary neck injury just in time. See, this is just like a sparkly version of football, what with injuries and skill and precision and talent and practice, lots of practice, all factoring in. So close your eyes. Even if you loathe the Steelers, imagine that that’s the Lombardi Trophy and that there’ll be football again soon.

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