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Their personal worlds were rocked by Jobs’s Macs, iPods, iPhones and iPads — and the way in which they compete as athletes is forever changed as well.

“As I check Facebook on my iPod, Twitter on my mac desktop, and write this on my iPad, I remember Steve Jobs. RIP,” minor-league pitcher Michael Schlact tweeted.

“Devastated 2 hear about the passing of Steve Jobs,” Lance Armstrong tweeted. “Was blessed 2 have the opportunity to spend time w/him on several occasions. May he RIP.”

RIP Steve Jobs, thanks for this iPad I’m holding, the phone in my pocket, the laptop on my desk and much much moreThu Oct 06 00:14:59 via EchofonBlake Griffin

Dam. Steve Jobs died. WTH. He was only in his 50’s. Rest In Peace. #LifeIsToShortWed Oct 05 23:57:53 via UberSocial for BlackBerryKirk Morrison

R.I.P Steve Jobs. Someone who definitely left his mark on this world! Innovations that will live and last forever!!Wed Oct 05 23:51:54 via EchofonLeBron James

Wowwww Steve Jobs died. Man he changed the World with his vision. RIP Steve JobsThu Oct 06 00:51:17 via webFreddy Adu

There already are plenty of digital apps for coaches and teams across all sports. And even one of the most traditional leagues, the NFL, is changing. Imagine a day when all NFL teams toss their playbooks into the recycling bin and switch to iPads, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers already have done.

“It's crazy how much technology has changed the game,” safety Cody Grimm told the St. Petersburg Times. “Back in the day, I think probably the whole team had to sit down with a projector and a reel and watch the film together. They'd have the whole offense in the same meeting room. Now we all have our own iPad. Stuff that we used to come [to the team’s facility] to see, we can sit on our couch at home and have access to it 24-7. It's awesome.

“It's convenient. It's fast. I was snacking out on the couch and watching some film, and realized I was, like, two quarters through [a] game already.”

The team bought 90 iPad2s over the summer and Coach Raheem. Morris listens to music was he studies. “I got my Jay-Z and Drake on my iPad, and Mason Foster playing to it,” he said.

No doubt just the way Steve Jobs envisioned it, back in 1984: