The mind reels, or at least it did in 1994, but nonetheless she’ll be performing Feb. 5 in Indianapolis (she does know the game is in Indianapolis, right?).

“I know what songs I'm doing, I have my guest artists,” she told “Extra.” “I know what I'm wearing, and I just hope I can negotiate the high heels I have to dance in.”

View Photo Gallery: Elaborate musical shows by top performers highlight the interlude between the second and third quarters of the National Football League's biggest game.

Citing an unnamed source, “Extra” reports that L.M.F.A.O. could be one of those guest artists. On Tuesday night, Madonna admitted she’s “extremely nervous” about the big game, but plans to sing her new song “Give Me All Your Love” and some “oldies but goodies.” Also, according to the New York Daily News, one dancer said she’d be “bringing the gay to the Super Bowl.”

Naturally, she refused to take a side in the game. “It's a tough one. ...I'm just focusing on my performance, okay? Don't ask me to take sides!”

All right. We won’t. We’ll go back to wondering if this is going to be one of those great (U2) or disappointing (the Who) halftime shows.