Madonna meets the press, the Super Bowl XLVI press. (Scott Halleran / Getty Images)

•Worry not about her wardrobe and the functioning thereof. There will be no slips. Of that, she was adamant: “There will be no wardrobe malfunction.”

•Alex Rodriguez does not have an enormous portrait of himself as a centaur in his apartment. (I salute the reporter who asked this question.) Madonna said she knows for a fact he has an enormous portrait of her on a horse. So there. Urban myth crushed.

•Madonna likes 23-year-olds. She said as much as a nervous Gerald McCoy of the Tampa Buccaneers and Chad Ochocinco’s OCNN network asked her a question.

•Madonna reiterated that she is a proud Midwesterner and not an Englishwoman. Although she’s also a New Yorker.

•One question to Madonna began: “You are a genius at everything you do.” This was not from a sportswriter.

•Madonna, who has a hamstring injury, offered advice to Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who has a high ankle sprain: “A lot of people would say I’m a masochist. I would just tape my ankle and say prayers. Take an anti-inflammatory and get my butt out there.”

•She chooses Eli Manning over Tom Brady because she lives in New York and hatest to waste gas. As for the report that Gisele Bundchen asked friends and family to pray for hubby Brady, Madonna said, “Bless her” and added that she’s a big fan of prayer and performance.

•She’ll perform three old songs, one new one and admits she’s “terribly nervous.” The set list, according to NFL magazine: “Ray of Light,” “Holiday,” “Vogue,” and the newbie Give MeAll Your Luvin’.”

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