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The New England Patriots have finished, with a couple minutes to spare. Next up on Media Day, aka the Palpable Excitement tour: The New York Giants at noon EST.

10:44 a.m.: Vince Wilfork passes up the opportunity to predict the winner of the Florida primary, preferring instead to talk about how difficult it is to face a quarterback named Manning.

“Every time I play a Manning, it’s stressful. It’s like during training camp when the defense plays the offense and we have to face [Tom] Brady. [Eli and Peyton Manning] are so good at what they do.”

10:33 a.m.: Chad Ochocinco is wearing a jersey and pants, although he once said he’d wear just a towel if he ever made the Super Bowl. Fans should ask for their money back. This is not a terribly exciting Media Day so cries out for a wardrobe malfunction of some sort.

Ochocinco, once Deion Sanders stops hugging him and telling him how proud of him he is, says he has looked on this season as a “test from You Know Who.”

He says he’d rather be at the Super Bowl and not have a catch rather than putting up stellar numbers. Ochocinco says he’s used to being home on the Martin Luther King holiday.

Ocho informs Sanders that he doesn’t need a podium. “I’ve got 3 million Twitter followers. That’s my podium.”

A Deion Sanders interview is the soul-crushing nadir of Media Day.

10:27 a.m.: Wes Welker can’t believe fans paid to come watch Media Day, but “it’s pretty cool.”

Josh McDaniels is a big topic for all the offensive players. Just what, Welker was asked, does McDaniels bring to the Patriots? “Josh is a very smart guy. He understands our offense very well. He put together a lot of that stuff. ... It’s good to have him back. It’s another set of eyes to help us.”

Tracy White meets Pick Boy from Nicktoons. That’s Trady White on the right. (JEFF HAYNES / Reuters)

10:13 a.m.: Tom Brady is discussing the team’s addition of Josh McDaniels — who was not available to the media — as “offensive assistant,” with the departure of offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien who’s taking the Penn State job. “Having Josh back makes it very seamless. ... It’s great to have him back. He’s been a great friend of mine since the day he got to the team.” Remember when Brady and O’Brien got into a profane shouting match on the sidelines during the Patriots-Redskins game?

Also, Brady says, “My wife is a great support.” In case you were wondering about Gisele Bundchen and her game-face.

As for comparisons with Joe Montana and the Patriots’ place in history: “I’m not into comparisons. I’m here trying to win this football game.”

Brady was asked whether he might consider throwing to Chad Ochocinco on Sunday and his reply was succinct: “Tell him to get open and I’ll throw it to him.” Oof.

Rob Gronkowski...bootless. (Scott Halleran / Getty Images)

Gronkowski isn’t saying yet whether he’ll be able to play Sunday. He was in a walking boot when the team arrived Sunday, but says now “it’s off.”

10 a.m.: The Patriots arrive and fans, who’ve paid $25 to sit in the stands and watch the circus, are cheering. An odd Media Day sound.

9:57 a.m.: Already a controversy. Left tackle Matt Light will not participate today. “A case of Umenyiora & Pierre-Paul Flu already?” tweets Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post. Light reportedly is “under the weather.”

Worst hair? We have a winner.

9:30 a.m.: It’s Super Bowl Media Day — Halloween in January — with the New England Patriots stepping up first at 10 a.m. EST, followed by the New York Giants at noon.

This year, about 5,000 fans have been allowed to buy their way in, which ordinarily would turn this into a zoo, but given that journalism is about the third-most important thing happening on any given Media Day — their presence shouldn’t cause much of a problem.

There will be distractions, though. An Ines Sainz sighting is inevitable; it’ll be interesting to see if the TV Azteca reporter can top the stir she caused last year on the heels of the midseason stir she caused with the New York Jets. Who knows what Rob “Yo soy fiesta” Gronkowski will cook up? Bill Belichick has been positively Shecky-like this week and perhaps Chad Ochocinco will show up wearing nothing but a towel, as he has promised. That would be a stir.

Years ago @ochocinco told me if he ever made it to a Super Bowl Media Day, he would appear wearing only a towel. Eyes shall be peeled today.Tue Jan 31 12:50:21 via UberSocial for BlackBerryRich Eisen

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ James Harrison stole the headlines last year, with his comments about Commissioner Roger Goodell and a pillow.

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