View Photo Gallery: The future of Peyton Manning, both in Indianapolis and in football, is playing out very, very publicly.

Super Bowl week officially is underway and the future of Peyton Manning in Indianapolis threatens to hover over the game like a blimp.

The latest in the give-and-take between the quarterback and Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay concerns a report by the NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora that the team had decided what course it would take with Manning, whose future is in doubt because of a neck injury, “weeks ago, well this public squabble between the quarterback and his owner.” In addition, La Canfora reported that the Colts “almost certainly” would make a move on Manning, who is owed a $28 million bonus March 8, before the NFL Scouting Combine in late February. Irsay responded early Sunday morning on Twitter:

No he hasn’t been released nor was a decision reached weeks agoSun Jan 29 05:11:00 via Twitter for BlackBerry®Jim Irsay

The “public squabble” last week involved an exchange of shots that rivaled Djokovic vs. Nadal. After a Rob Lowe tweet about Manning’s imminent retirement was shot down, Manning told the Indianapolis Star that the Colts’ facility wasn’t really conducive to healing because of all turnover in front-office and coaching jobs. Irsay responded by calling Manning “a politician.” Finally, the two decided to talk.

On Friday, they issued a joint statement in an attempt to “dispel any misperception that there might be any hard feelings between us.” They also tried to “assure Colts fans everywhere that we are both committed to maintaining our close relationship and to working together through any challenges the future may bring.”

Like the challenges of the coming week?

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