Graduating college is a significant accomplishment, and significant accomplishments often warrant significant presents.

A new canary yellow Chevrolet convertible qualifies as a significant present. A mini fridge? Not so much.

In a new commercial from General Motors that will air during the Super Bowl, one college graduate gets a little carried away with what he believes is his graduation haul.

The above ad, which has already aired, is one of the boatload of new commercials that will be rolled out during Super Bowl XLVI.

As the big game nears and the anticipation continues to build for a rematch between Tom Brady’s New England Patriots and Eli Manning’s New York Giants, we’ll be giving you sneak peaks at the ads you will see during the game. So stay tuned.

Relive last year’s best efforts — including Volkswagon’s Lil’ Darth Vader classic — with our video playlist here.

How will this year’s lineup stack up to year’s past? And which companies will hit the mark?

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