Car commercials will be big once again during the Super Bowl telecast, but while many are spending millions of dollars to show off a new slick set of tires or better handling around the track, Toyota is taking a broader worldview.

Not only have they reinvented the Camry, but they’ve also created the first DMV arcade, the first blender that plays Lionel Richie, the first scantily-clad-human couch and the first baby time machine.

Yes, Toyota has been busy.

As the big game nears and the anticipation continues to build for a rematch between Tom Brady’s New England Patriots and Eli Manning’s New York Giants, we’ll be giving you sneak peaks at the ads you will see during the game. Check a playlists of ads from this year and last year’s best efforts — including Volkswagen’s Lil’ Darth Vader classic — with our video playlist  here.

How will this year’s lineup stack up to past years? And which companies will hit the mark?

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