Super Bowl ads aren’t often known for their subtlety, especially when it comes to bombarding male viewers with images of bikini-clad beauties to sell... well, pretty much anything.

Sex sells, as the mantra goes, and these brands believe.Watch and wince as sexy women’s (and one man’s) bodies sell domain names, flowers and chips.

Go Daddy — the grand champion of sexist advertising — enlists spokeswomen Danica Patrick and the Pussycat Dolls to do typical Go Daddy things: Appear out of clouds, make men salivate, make female viewers want to throw things at the TV, and wear incredibly complicated underwear. Oh, and there's some talk of domain hosting, but who cares when there's Pussycat Dolls, right?

All you really need to know about this second Go Daddy commercial is that it contains Jillian Michaels and a hot model in body paint, and that it's going to be the one that everyone complains about the most.

Attention all women: According to Doritos, no matter how attractive you are, the only way you’ll ever get your man to choose you over some football and caloric processed snacks is if you get naked and cover your entire body in them.

The floral company enlists Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima to tell men that a gift of flowers is an economic transaction that guarantees they will have sex that night — an assumption that women have been trying to dissuade them of for years. Whatever happened to “It’s the thought that counts?”

Behold the glory of an underwear-clad David Beckham, the camera panning languorously over the curves of his firm, tattooed muscles, his soulful glance exuding pure sex appeal. Hey Ladies! Here is your reward for enduring years of sexist cleavagey GoDaddy ads: a Special Super Bowl opportunity to objectify a man.

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