Amid the Ferris Bueller reprise, the Volkswagen dog in a fat suit, and the return of the Coca-Cola bears, here are 10 funny Super Bowl commercials you might have missed.

Leaving aside the fact that Bel Vita sounds like Velveeta, and cheesy and noodley foods are not usually what you'd want to associate with breakfast, the small-town cops in this commercial find that these wafers give them the strength to deal with difficult situations like runaway rabbits. It's sort of like breakfast meets the shows "Parks and Recreation" and "Reno 911."

Regis Philbin makes an appearance in this commercial as a bewildered consumer wins a year of Pepsi Max at the convenience store check-out. But why does the guy look so unhappy about it? The clue is on his hat -- he's a Coke salesperson.

For one car-shopping gentleman, his confidence takes the form of a fetal twin, emerging from his body like the creature from "Alien," and dancing about like one of those inflatable figurines most commonly found on top of use car lots. That tiny singing dancing twin is this man's confidence, and it is funny, creepy, and gross, all at the same time.

Cheetahs are fast. But watch out, car advertisement actor: They're also hungry. And when they are hungry and there's an attractive serving of actor nearby, they're not so inclined to demonstrate their speed against a Hyundai.

Yeah, this commercial is about how you should find a new job because your coworkers are so worthless that you might as well work with a bunch of chimpanzees. But if you had chimpanzee coworkers who went on business trips and came up with ideas for "poison ivy shampoo," you'd probably be pretty impressed by their capabilities, right?

When a man's coworker unexpectedly loses consciousness during a business trip, some careful maneuvering in a Hyundai is able to revive him. Hyundai: It's like strapping yourself into a defibrillator!

Samsung continues its crusade to embarrass too-cool Apple fans, who are probably only fortified in their superiority by these commercials. Samsung users do not wait in lines or dress like hipsters, but somehow, this commercial seems just as smug as they are.

Well, Audi may have just alienated any of their customers who are fans of “Twilight,” but they've probably gained fans who love to hate on the popular series. The ad spoofs the movie with a party of sexy vampies in the woods that is promptly disrupted by the bright headlights of a Audi.

Amy Sedaris stars in this remake of the 1980 “Mean Joe Green” Coke Commercial, but with a twist: Sedaris convinces Joe to accept some Downy Unstopables, but when he tosses her his jersey, she has a different reaction than the little boy of the original ad.

It’s like the X Games for cars: The Chevy Sonic is put through an extreme regimen of daredevil stunts, including skydiving, bungee jumping and aerial flips. The band OK Go makes an appearance in a strange musical stunt, but the song played throughout the commercial is the anthem “We are Young” by the band Fun, which was recently covered by Glee.

Correction: A previous version of this post incorrectly attributed the Audi commercial to Hyundai.