Joe Maddon continues to give ump Chad Fairchild an earful after his ejection. (Brian Blanco / AP)

Oddest of all? An eighth-inning delay after a foul ball hit by Sean Rodriguez broke a stadium light at Tropicana Field and showered the grass with broken glass.

It dragged on and on ... becoming the longest 1-0 game in the major leagues since the Brewers at Angels went 17 innings on June 8, 2004, via STATS LLC. (Because you want to know these things, the Mets and Astros played the longest 1-0 game — 24 innings — in 1968.)

Everyone dealt with the marathon in his own way.

Raymond, the Rays’ mascot, put on his PJs.

Joe Maddon got ejected in the 11th inning. Smart man.

Dustin Pedroia — whose two-out single broke the scoreless tie and is now known to his teammates as “the muddy chicken” — wanted out. “I just wanted to go home. I was beat up. I’m sure everyone else was, too.”

Kevin Youkilis helps clean up glass that fell after Sean Rodriguez hit a stadium light with a foul ball in the eighth inning. (Brian Blanco / AP)

Alfredo Aceves, 5-1 after pitching three no-hit innings, wanted something to eat. “I was actually starving. I was dying of hunger. He headed straight for the clubhouse kitched for a plateful of chicken and shrimp.

Josh Beckett was perhaps the only person enjoying himself. “I actually looked over at [Jon] Lester when I came out and I was like, ‘Man, this is a fun game.’ I didn’t realize then it was going to go that long. It was fun to be in a game like that.”

The AL East-leading Red Sox managed only five hits, but drew 12 walks — and stranded 17 runners, yet still won for the eighth time in their last nine games. Next stop for the tired, hungry Sox? Baltimore.