Just another quiet couple of days for the owners of D.C. sports teams. If the owner of one Washington pro sports team isn’t roaming the French Quarter, another is firing back at fans who were frothing at the mouth when the New York Knicks got Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets last month.

Wizards owner Ted Leonsis, in a blog entry entitled “No One Knows Nothing,” tells of receiving “hate mail” from “virtual general managers” for not doing a deal and points out something that New Yorkers know only too well. He writes:

One month ago I was receiving hate mail about NBA trades and deadline and superstars moving from one team to another.

Hate mail. Full of conviction and opinions from virtual general managers via email to me.


One month later.

The New York Knicks are a 500 team at 35-35. They are 7-9 since their big blockbuster trade. They have two superstars on their team.

The Denver Nuggets are 10-4 since the trade. Addition by subtraction? Denver is 42-29 overall.

And I haven’t received any emails of late on this subject.

It isn’t easy building a winning team. There is no magic wand to wave.

But deep rotations adhering to a system; developing and keeping a core together; and playing as a team seem to me the best course of action. Writing checks and throwing new players into a mix and expecting great and immediate success is hard to execute.