Suggs blew a kiss to Baltimore fans. He does not feel the same toward the Broncos. (Nick Wass / AP)

“There's getting it done and there's not getting it done,” the Baltimore Ravens’ linebacker said in an ESPN interview (watch here) this week. The Broncos, after a 7-1 surge under Tebow, limped to an 8-8 finish with three consecutive losses. They’ll play the Pittsburgh Steelers in an NFL wild-card game at 4:30 p.m. EST Sunday (CBS).

“Once again, God had to save Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. Like I said, they didn't win [their way into the playoffs]. It's simple — you win, you're division champs. He couldn't even give them [the Chiefs] two drives. They lost, 7-3. Two drives gives them [a] 9-7 [win].”

View Photo Gallery: Tim Tebow did not, in Terrell Suggs’ estimation, get it done against the Kansas City Chiefs. (Doug Pensinger | Getty Images)

The Ravens, the second seed in the AFC, have a bye this week.

“With all due respect, we don't pray on the sideline,” Suggs said. “I mean we do -- we give it up to God [just for] safety and health, but we're gonna go out there and win that game. We don't need our kicker to make a 62-yarder [like Denver’s Matt Prater]. I'm just saying. We don't need guys to fall out of bounds and then we get to punt it back ... we don't need stuff like that to happen for us.”

Suggs says his quarterback, Joe Flacco, and the Ravens aren’t asking for anything in prayer.

“Our quarterback knows how to go out and win games,” he said. “When our quarterback prays, he be like, ‘You know what, God? You know what? You sit on your couch and enjoy this. Thank you for blessing me and letting me wake up to play this game. I'm gonna impress you.’ ”

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