So much for a quiet, sedate meal at the neighborhood Applebee’s.

A University of Texas fan and an Oklahoma University fan got into a knife fight Monday at a San Antonio Applebee’s and both were hospitalized, the Tulsa World reported.

According to the police report, the altercation began with an argument over sports and women, topics that have surely never led to a fight before.

Investigators are charging a 29-year old suspect (the OU fan for those keeping track) with aggravated assault. They believe he chased 22-year old Robert Cortez into the foyer of the restaurant and attacked him with a knife, according to local news station KEN5.

“At some point the argument got heated...the suspect chased the victim into the foyer of the establishment the two began to get into a fight," said SAPD Officer Matt Porter. "During this argument some people that were with the suspect tried to talk to some girls who were with the victim."

Police arrived to find both fans suffering from stab wounds. They were hospitalized and are in stable condition. "These individuals might have been passionate about their teams which led to a heated arguement...Sometimes it's better to just walk away," said Porter.

College football fans have had their share of violent altercations in the last few years, like the USC-UCLA brawl which resulted in the hospitalization of several people last year. Not even innocent trees are spared when it comes to the Alabama-Auburn rivalry.

I love sports as much as the next person, and my Dallas Cowboys fandom isn’t always received with delight in Washington. Surely we can find a more constructive way of expressing our rival sports allegiances than stabbing each other, right?