Last week Boston Celtics guard Delonte West joined millions of unemployed Americans looking for work across the country in a tradition unknown to many NBA stars: he applied for a job.

Delonte West: aspiring knife salesman. (Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

Because it’s best not to put all your eggs in one basket — and because Home Depot might do criminal background checks — West is applying elsewhere, too.

ESPN’s TrueHoop blog caught up with the Eleanor Roosevelt High School grad over the weekend at the Drew League vs. Goodman League game and learned of West’s latest prospect.

Said West: “I actually might have work with Sam’s (Club), BJ’s selling knives. That’s pretty cool, too. I get a microphone and everything.”

Hmmmm. A guy who got pulled over with a motorcycle sidecar filled with loaded weapons — including an eight-inch bowie knife — selling knives to the public?

Hey, it’s hard out there for guy who has hauled in $14 million over his career and now suddenly finds himself without a steady paycheck.

And it’s also hard for the fans who will no doubt soon be booking their tickets to watch Deron Williams and Besiktas take on Ty Lawson’s Zalgiris Kaunas to get their much-needed pro basketball fix.

Rather than blow his money vacationing (inside U.S. borders, of course), West would rather stay home to support the people, like the stars on the floor during Saturday’s Capital Punishment game.

“With the lockout going on, guys could be anywhere in the world vacationing, but they’re right here supporting the people. The people are going through a lockout just like we are. They make it a lot about us, but the average American is going through a lockout themselves.”