There’s been a name change over at a blog I used to call home, a place formerly known as Redskins Insider. You may have read that Washington’s National Football League team has moved to restrict the use of said team’s name. No? Well, you can read about it here. Or here. Or read Dave McKenna’s piece (“Redskins circle wagons around ‘Redskins’ ”) in Washington City Paper. (The same place the owner of the team is suing. I believe you’re familiar with the suit against WCP over a McKenna story and the defense fund it has spawned.) Or click through Deadspin’s “We Are All Dave McKenna” series, which has reached its XLth installment. Or note that it’s an Associated Press/ESPN story, too.

So there’s the news. Like all news, it has ramifications and repercussions, not the least of which, among Twitter and blog readers (the fine folk who called themselves R------s Insider hamsters), concerns just what the team should be called. And whether I can continue to open the Christmas card the R------s sent me, the very nice one that plays “Hail to the R------s”, at random moments in my workplace.

@CindyBoren @dcsportsbog Hail to the (trailing off) Indigenous Potomac Basin People! Hail victory!less than a minute ago via webJon Fox

Redskins. I just said it. Now what RT @BobGlauber: I see @CindyBoren’s Twitter bio has “Redskins” on it. Is that allowed?less than a minute ago via ÜberSocialtrey wingo

Law Suit Pending. RT@Wingoz Redskins. I just said it.RT @BobGlauber: I see @CindyBoren’s Twitter bio has “Redskins” on it. Is that allowed?less than a minute ago via webJonathan

@CindyBoren @BobGlauber better change it to “reporter covering washingtons football team”less than a minute ago via Twitter for AndroidCW

@CindyBoren who is giving Snyder business advice? Epic bad business there. It adds up. #redskinsless than a minute ago via ÜberSocialAEEckert

@CindyBoren if they don’t like us using their name, do we hafta refer to them as “burgundy-clad football team”? that’s SO MANY characters!less than a minute ago via Tweetie for MacTracy Rotton

@CindyBoren So... Can we say.. “The Washington professional football team has been turned into a complete joke..”??less than a minute ago via EchofonDr. Caps Fan

@CindyBoren If I say Redskins 3 times will Bettlejuice show up and start causing all kinds of trouble? Redskins Redskins Redskins!less than a minute ago via TweetDeckJoe Pennella

Redskins ask WaPo to take team name off blog: If only the Redskins were this tough during the season.less than a minute ago via TweetDeckJim Brady

From DC Sports Bog’s comments...

suzannepdc: I 100% believe that a company should have the power to protect and regulate their trademark, HOWEVER, this is ridiculous - it's a blog for the local paper about the local team - if nothing else, it's used to describe the content of the blog. Danny is really starting to push me over the edge lately.  
  And is he going to come after us on facebook now too?

alex35332 So should I change the name of my Redskins Insider Fan Club Facebook Page?

(Ruh-roh! Ix-nay on the Acebook-fay or the R------s lawyers will be on Line 1.)

eric22 Another day at the office for Redskins management. While other teams are figuring out how to win a Super Bowl, Snyder is worrying that the name "Redskins Insider" is causing him to lose money.

DC07 I think Washington, as a city, should prevent the local football team from using the word Washington.

drischord Every day, I get just a little closer to dropping this team for good. It hasn't happened yet, but maybe one day... They keep pushing all the right buttons, I'll say that much.

dcsween Well, the action is certainly consistent with the "brand" as developed by the current ownership. Hail To The Washington Football Team!