Steve Williams has had an up-close-and-personal relationship with Tiger Woods. (ADAM BUTLER / AP)

Steve Williams, the long-time caddie fired byTiger Woods, has looked within and, voila, has discovered that there’s a book just yearning to get out.

His former boss will “just be one of those interesting chapters in the book,” Williams told a TV station in New Zealand, his home country.

At the moment, Williams, 47, continues to toil as a caddie, toting the bag for Adam Scott. He didn’t call his prospective book — the line for publishers forms at the left — a tell-all but did say that he had no confidentiality clause regarding his 12-year relationship on and off golf courses with Woods.

Expect Williams’ book to be more of a biography, though. “You learn a lot from reading those sort of books. I'm a big reader of those. Mine won't be any different,” Williams said.

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