View Photo Gallery: The Denver Broncos are willing to trade Tim Tebow and the Washington Redskins, Dan Shanoff argues, would make a good fit.

Dan Shanoff is the founder of Quickish, newly relocated to the D.C. area and a longtime chronicler and analyst of the Tim Tebow phenomenon.

After the Broncos landed Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow is on the trading block. And while the possible destinations range from the obvious (Jacksonville) to the unconventional (Green Bay), no one has laid out the sensible case for an entirely reasonable landing spot for Tebow: The Redskins. Here are five reasons it makes sense:

(1) They have an established starter. Yes, Robert Griffin III hasn’t been drafted yet, but he comes with the full support of the organization and fan base. There is no QB controversy and RG3 — like Tebow — is well-adjusted enough to handle it. From Tebow’s perspective, of course he wants the chance to start but cares more about helping his team win.

(2) They need a back-up to RG3. No, Rex Grossman doesn’t count. A Shanahan-designed offensive scheme built for Griffin’s dual-threat ability and simplified for his NFL inexperience is ideally suited for Tebow, in case RG3 gets hurt. And no player works harder than Tebow; he will push RG3 to reach his full potential.

(3) Tebow can be more than a QB. NFL pundits continue to push the flawed idea that Tebow’s only role in the NFL is as a QB. Certainly, being a full-time QB is Tebow’s first choice, but he has always said he would do whatever it takes to help his team win — remember, back in September when Kyle Orton was Denver’s starting QB, Tebow was willing to trot out as a receiver. A clever coach (and this includes top-of-the-league minds like Bill Belichick, Jim Harbaugh and Mike McCarthy, all of whom have been linked to acquiring Tebow) would deploy Tebow all over the field. Lined up as an “uber-back” next to RG3 is an exceptional opportunity for a bold Xs and Os strategist. Certainly, the Redskins have nothing to lose.

(4) He comes cheap. It would only cost a fifth-round draft pick. Insert your joke that there are no draft picks left anyway after the RG3 deal, but a fifth is a bargain for a player with Tebow’s potential, given that he can play all over the field.

(5) Fans would love his passion to contribute. Teammates would love his leadership and dedication to working as hard as he can to help the team win. Ownership would love his well-established marketing appeal. The media would love the hysteria that always accompanies him. And Tebow would love the D.C. area — it’s not quite a Florida homecoming, but it would put him back on the East Coast and only a 90-minute flight from home.

Dan Shanoff runs Quickish, a real-time sports-news service, and founded, a leading online source for Tebow news and analysis. Follow him on Twitter at @danshanoff.

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