Tebow (at right with Ryan Clady) sparked the Broncos in a loss Sunday. So there’s that. (Jack Dempsey / AP)

Tim Tebow will be the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos after the team’s bye this week.

Players were informed of the switch from Kyle Orton this morning, the Denver Post reported.

Tebow’s first game will be against the Dolphins in Miami, yes, Miami,on Oct. 23. That’s the same day the Dolphins plan to honor the 2008 University of Florida team that won the national title. And was quarterbacked by ... Tim Tebow.

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Later today, Tim Tebow is expected to be given the job he couldn’t win in training camp, the job that went to Kyle Orton, the job of starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos.

Billboards have sprouted in Denver, touting Tebow. And fans are chanting “We Want Tebow!” Reports indicate that Coach John Fox will do just that today. On Sunday, Tebow made a strong case for starting; at least he managed to stir the Broncos’ offense with two quick scores in a loss Sunday to the San Diego Chargers. He completed four of 10 passes for 79 yards and had six carries for 38. Why not go to him at quarterback rather than as a gimmick, especially with a bye week in which to prepare?

Fox wasn’t committing to much Monday, but he did indicate that some sort of announcement would be coming, saying “there will be a strong likelihood” that the issue will be addressed today.

“That's something that we'll evaluate. We'll meet. I don't have the team in and with all due respect for what you [media] guys do, the way we'll operate is we'll communicate with the people involved and the team long before we announce it to you guys,” Fox said. “So, that won't be happening [Monday] because we don't see the team until tomorrow.”

The move has an air of inevitability to it. “Even the Broncos' brain trust is now on the verge of admitting that Tebow is not merely the fans' emotional choice to be their starting quarterback,” Denver Post columnist Dave Krieger writes, “he's the rational choice, too.” (Besides, LeBron is on his side.) Tebow started the last three games of 2010, going 1-2.

John Elway, the team’s executive vice-president of football operations, seemed to hint that a change was coming.

“Obviously, there’s been a lot of pressure here and obviously when you don’t have success on the field like we haven’t had the last couple years, you know the quarterback is always going to a lot of the blame and, of course, he gets a lot of the credit also,” Elway said (via ESPN).

“Being in that position a long time, I understand that. Kyle has been through that here and it’s been tough because we haven’t won football games plus with the following of a Tim Tebow behind him and the fans that he has — you know that’s a tough thing for any quarterback to go through.

Kyle’s handled it the best he could possibly handle it.”

Alicia Sacramone has “the best boyfriend.” (Charles Krupa / AP)

Sacramone tweeted: “Best boyfriend award goes to @BQ9 for taking the red eye from Denver to be here for my surgery today...just another reason why I love him.”