View Photo Gallery: A certified NFL phenomenon, Tim Tebow now is winning the respect of John Elway and John Fox. (Doug Pensinger | Getty Images)

Tim Tebow’s bosses are on board. So are comedians. And so are politicians — with Sarah Palin the latest to offer a thumbs up to the Denver Broncos’ quarterback who is famous for fourth-quarter comebacks, vanquishing his doubters and proudly using the pocket as a pulpit.

The former governor and 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate recently told Shannon Bream of Fox News that she is a big fan.

“Oh, I am so pro Tebow. You know he is so unashamed of his savior, Jesus of Nazareth,” Palin said.. “He knows Jesus is going to rock your world when you give it over to him, and he's bold about it, and he knows that the son of God should be honored and praised. Tebow does that and I respect it.”

Elway: Tebow isn’t going away. (Jack Dempsey / AP)

“There are a lot of folks who said Tim Tebow wasn't going to be a very good NFL quarterback. There are people who stood up and said, 'Well, he doesn't have the right throwing mechanisms,’ ” Perry said. “He won two national championships and that looked pretty good. We were the national champions in job creation back in Texas.”

Safe to say that Tebow’s name is going to keep coming up, with a big election looming and John Elway, the vice president of football operations, offering his strongest endorsement yet of Tebow, saying, “Tim Tebow’s not going anywhere. I mean, he’s going to be a Bronco and we’re going to do everything we can and hopefully he’s that guy.”

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