First there was planking. Then came owling. Then batting. Now “Tebowing” is the latest bizarre photo pose sweeping the nation.

Planking is so last summer. (

He’s inspiring epic comebacks (after playing terribly for nearly 55 minutes). He’s inspiring epic pop song covers (Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Wiz Khalifa might disagree). He’s partnering with charities that help provide medical care for impoverished children in developing countries (no drawbacks to this one).

Who doesn’t love this guy?

Well, ex-teammate Brandon Lloyd for starters.

The former Broncos wide receiver who was dealt to the Rams just as Tebow was winning the starting job in Denver questioned the un­or­tho­dox passer’s ability to be an effective NFL quarterback.

“I think only time will tell with that style of play,” Lloyd said on ESPN Radio in St. Louis. “I think it (was) effective last Sunday, but I just don’t know how effective that style can be over the course of long games and playing formidable opponents.

“The timing is an issue. There’s just not that much separation that you can get in the NFL.... Any delay in delivering the ball or any delay (in) not being able to deliver that ball before the separation happens? It just throws a monkey wrench into (the timing) and anything you are trying to accomplish down the field.”

Tebow has heard the doubters debate his throwing motion before, but even though his spirals at times resemble wounded birds, his supporters will always point to one fact: the guy wins games.

This week he gets the all-of-a-sudden struggling Lions in Mile High Stadium. Can Tebow lead the Broncos to the upset?

Or how about the more important question: what do you make of “Tebowing”?

(H/T Denver Post)


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