View Photo Gallery: Tim Tebow took a knee as he watched Matt Prater kick the game-winning field goal in overtime Sunday. (Jack Dempsey | Associated Press)

“If you believe, unbelievable things can sometimes be possible.” — Tim Tebow

He sounds more like Walt Disney than an NFL quarterback, but, at this point, there’s no longer much of a reason to question Tim Tebow, is there?

He doesn’t have the best delivery, he is average at best over the first three quarters. This has all been noted. But when it comes to crunch time, the Denver Broncos’ quarterback is money — magical money. With a little luck (and major help from star-crossed Marion Barber), Tebow led the Broncos to another fourth-quarter rally and overtime win Sunday, beating the Chicago Bears 13-10. He now has the most game-winning drives — six — in overtime or the fourth quarter by any quarterback over his first 11 starts (since the AFL-NFL merger).

And the Broncos, with a stifling defense, are 8-5 with a six-game winning streak; they’re 7-1 since Tebow was named the starter. There’s clearly something happening here.

“I think it's pretty special that we have a team that constantly believes and believes in each other,” Tebow said.

I see evidence of the Mile High Magic coming back - A memorable performance by our team, including the best fans in the NFL!Mon Dec 12 15:48:47 via webJohn Elway

Occasionally a very good passer? Yes. (John Leyba / AP)

“I just tried to not screw it up as a coach,” John Fox said, “just let the players play.”

Even Tebow was somewhat amused after Sunday’s win. How to explain Barber doing what he rarely does — stopping the clock by running out of bounds near the end of regulation and giving the Broncos more precious seconds and, in overtime, losing a fumble in overtime?

“I might have thanked the Lord when he did that,” Tebow said with a laugh. “I might have said, "Oh, the Lord has something to do with it now.’ ”

A very good running back? Yes. (Jack Dempsey / AP)

Tebow’s response? Turn the other cheek. “Coming from a really good player, that means a lot.”

No controversy here. Move the next game Sunday in Denver against the New England Patriots. It’s the hotly-anticipated Tom Brady-vs.-Tebow matchup that the NFL declined to flex into prime time “Sunday Night Football.” Booooooo.

So, as with all the other weeks, fans will just have to find the game. Perhaps the team itself will even win some converts.

“I don't think it's Tebow time,” the quarterback said. “I just think it's Bronco time.”

Don’t you dare not believe him.


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