View Photo Gallery: Now that Peyton Manning is coming to Denver, what happens to Tim Tebow? (The two are shown after a September 2010 game.)

Peyton Manning has made his choice and, because it’s the Denver Broncos, Tebow Time is likely to come to an end.

Although he led the team to an 8-8 record and playoff victory and became a certified national phenomenon with Tebowmania, Tim Tebow was the reluctant quarterbacking choice of John Elway, the team’s executive vice-president of football operations, and Coach John Fox.

Now, with Manning’s arrival, Elway can move Tebow without outraging his fanbase. ESPN reports that the Broncos are likely to act quickly to do so ... but the demand may not be heavy despite the fact that Tebow was a first-round draft pick (when Josh McDaniels was head coach) two years ago.

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Posssible destinations mentioned for him are in Florida, where he won two national championships at the University of Florida and was a Heisman Trophy winner. Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan would welcome Tebow even though he has Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne (to whom he just paid a $3 million signing bonus) on the roster because Khan also also has empty seats in the home stadium. Miami, an early loser in the Manning sweepstakes, is another possibility and Tampa Bay has been mentioned. Cleveland and New England have also been mentioned as possibilities. In any event, the cost for Tebow may not be prohibitive, although Yahoo’s Les Carpenter thinks he’s certain to be a wiser, better player.

“I'd be surprised if there is much of a trade value for him," former NFL general manager Charley Casserly told USA Today. “I think it's true that he could move the ball in the Denver offense, but if you break down the majority of his games, he didn't throw the ball well. Coming out, there wasn't a lot of interest in him, and that's usually a pretty good indicator of trade value down the road.

“I'd be surprised if he went for much better than a fifth rounder.”

Broncos offensive tackle Ryan Clady reacted pretty candidly to news that the Broncos were the likely home for Manning. “At the end of the day,” he told ESPN’s Josina Anderson, “Peyton Manning is just better than Tim Tebow.”

Perhaps, but given Denver’s opponents outside the AFC West this season, they might want to keep a backup who can rally the troops. The Broncos play Baltimore, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Carolina and New England on the road; they have home games against Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Tampa Bay, New Orleans and Houston.

As Elvis Dumervil points out, there’s some work to do.

We have a ton of work to do but boy we going to have some fun grinding! Gotta put the time in ....Lets welcome Manning Bronco Nation

— Elvis Dumervil (@EKD92) March 19, 2012

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