This is his happy face. (John McDonnell / The Washington Postl)

That put the Redskins squarely in the sights of “Sunday Night Football” commentators who repeatedly sent verbal valentines in their direction. (As did Deion Sanders, who felt the love for Rex Grossman.)

Al Michaels: “I’ll tell you who’s a very happy guy right now, Mike Shanahan. Off-week, he watches the Giants lose to Seattle in the end and he watches Philadelphia lose. The Redskins are a team to watch.”

Tony Dungy: “They look better and better as you’re watching the favorites, Philadelphia and the Giants, just turn the ball over and give up big plays on defense.”

 Dungy repeated his praise at halftime.

As for the cupcake-y NFC East?

Dungy: “They’ve got a lot of star power, a lot of talent, but these teams cannot hold onto the football, they can’t protect the ball and they’re self-destructing.”

The Eagles?

Cris Collinsworth: “All their hood ornaments look great. The paint job is beautiful. The problem is the engine’s broken.”

Dungy: “We can simplify it in one word – mistakes.”

The Giants?

Rodney Harrison: “This team is so extreme…They have too many veteran players to be so inconsistent each week.”


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