Parker the day after the incident. (THOMAS SAMSON / FP / Getty Images)

Parker’s cornea was scratched in a fight in a New York City nighclub that involved singer Chris Brown and the entourage of hip-hop star Drake. Parker, who also happens to be suing the nightclub for $20 million, said he underwent surgery to remove a shard of glass that had “penetrated 99 percent” of his left eye.

The San Antonio Spurs star, who will play for France and presently is in Paris, will be examined by in New York when he is cleared for lengthy flights.

“I'm seeing a specialist in New York with the hope of being given the all-clear to play in the Olympic Games,” Parker said in an interview posted on his website. “[The] Spurs are very worried.

“Anything can happen, including me being out of the Olympics. The decision doesn't belong to me any more. It's in the hands of the doctor and San Antonio.”

Although the injury is not career-threatening, Parker said he is stuck in his hotel because he has to apply medicine every two hours.

“Fear sets in. An eye is so fragile. ... I couldn't believe it. But that's life. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I didn't have luck, but I came out well from my misfortune. It could have been worse. The rest of my career is not in question. I just have to wait for the injury to heal itself.”

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