I’ve often said my athletic prowess peaked on the cold tile floors of my elementary school gymnasium, where epic dodgeball battles took place nearly every afternoon in extended day.

Trampolines were more of a novelty I enjoyed when lucky enough to find myself in a certain friend’s backyard.

But combining the two? It’s almost too incredible to fathom... until now.

Hey, if trampoline can make the cut as a gymnastics event in the Olympics, why not this?

Interested in playing a pick up game of your own? Sky High Sports (which calls itself “The Trampoline Place”) has locations all over California and as far east as... Chicago. Sky Zone, meanwhile, which has dubbed its version 3-D Dodgeball (seen in the above video), is located in Boston, Clermont, Fla., St. Louis and Las Vegas but apparently has 20 more indoor trampoline parks coming soon.

Road trip, anyone?

(H/T Reddit)