“Pastranathon” is on hold.

Travis Pastrana, who was going to toggle between his debut in NASCAR’s Nationwide Series and the X Games this weekend, broke his ankle and foot Thursday night attempting a 720 Toilet Paper Roll in the X Games Moto X Best-Trick competition in Los Angeles. At first he joked about the injury, tweeting: “I’m on my way to the hospital for x rays, something with my foot, Ill keep everyone posted.. Might be driving with my hands on Saturday.”

Wishful thinking. Pastrana will be sidelined awhile.

“I am sorry this happened, and will be back in action as soon as I can,” Pastrana told ESPN after he was treated at a hospital.

Just what is a Toilet Paper Roll? A flip combined with a 720-degree spin and a degree-of-difficulty landing that is off the charts.

(H/T Grindtv.com’s Pete Thomas)