The Rugby World Cup ended on Oct. 23rd when the New Zealand All Blacks edged France 8-7 to claim their second championship on home soil.

Four days later marked the five-year anniversary of one of the most miraculous last-second plays in college football history — and one that would have made the All Blacks proud.

Trailing Millsaps (Miss.) 24-22 with 61 yards to go, Division III Trinity University (Texas) completed a forward pass and then proceeded to string together 15 laterals over a 62-second span, crossing the field multiple times before Riley Curry scooped up a lateral that bounced off the turf and ran in for the game-winning touchdown.

ESPN contributor Doug Williams revisited the remarkable play with the full cast of characters from Oct. 27, 2007 in Jackson, Miss.

Happy five-year anniversary, “Mississippi Miracle!”