Ah, the ol’ fake-referee-turns-streaker-then-a-brawl-breaks-out trick.

Yawn. Streeeettttch.

The most compelling part of Arizona’s 48-12 thumping of UCLA? With the Wildcats up 42-7 just before halftime, a fake ref ran onto the field, blew the play dead and then streaked off the field, prompting a giant fight.

Bruins wide receiver Taylor Embree took a swing at Arizona’s Shaquille Richardson (the Shaqille Richardson who was kicked off the UCLA team in the summer of 2010 for an alleged theft). Both players were ejected.

“I’m disappointed and at a loss for words in respect to the fact that this thing got out of hand so quickly,” Rick Neuheisel, embattled coach of the 3-4 Bruins said. “This was definitely a step in the wrong direction, but I still hold out my feeling that we can and will turn the corner. My argument is I’m absolutely the right guy for the job.”