Is that McEnroe and Borg? Nope. It’s Samberg and Samberg. (Walter Iooss Jr./New York Times Magazine)

You get a popular comedian to dress up like the men who used to conquer the court at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing Meadows, New York. Naturally.

At least that’s what the New York Times Magazine is doing with next week’s cover where you’ll find “Saturday Night Live” funny man Andy Samberg doing his finest Johnny Mac impersonation... right next to Andy Samberg doing his finest Bjorn Borg impersonation.

Samberg has displayed a keen ability to rock various hairdos, facial hair stylings and out-dated attire, and he does it again here. Watch the video shoot for some good laughs and Samberg’s take on Andre Aggassi’s “wounded eyes.” Here’s the full gallery from Walter Iooss Jr. featuring the versatile Samberg on court and in short shorts.

The photos go with a cover story titled: “The Fierce Intimacy of Tennis Rivalries” — focusing on the classic McEnroe-Bjorg and Agassi-Sampras matchups.

(H/T Busted Racquet)