What a champion sees. (Rory McIlroy via Twitter)

Perhaps the best thing about Rory McIlroy’s victory in the U.S. Open on Sunday is his return to Twitter.

His tweets after his Masters meltdown were an instant 140-character snapshot of, well, character and offered a glimpse of why he was going to be just fine.

When he tweeted after his historic Open win Sunday, it was more of the same. He handled his first victory in a major the way any polite, grounded 22-year-old would.

He paused to take a photo of the trophy from his vantage point at the epicenter of a media frenzy.

He paused a little longer to sip a beverage from the trophy (you can’t do that with a green jacket ...).

And some other things happened in the wake of McIlroy’s victory:

That has to taste good. ( Rory McIlroy via Twitter)

He has moved up four spots in the world rankings, to No. 4.

The British and Irish prime ministers hailed his victory.

Rafael Nadal, the world’s No. 1 tennis player who’s playing his first match today at Wimbledon, said he finds McIlroy inspiring.

McIlroy, in turn, has offered to take Rafael Nadal golfing (via ESPN’s Wimbledon coverage) and Nadal will probably be less inspired when McIlroy crushes him.

In the Stuff You Didn’t Know About Rory deluge, it was revealed that his nickname in primary school was “Mac the Knife,” which is the most unseemly thing that’s turned up about the guy. And, by the way, and he is expected to save the economy of Northern Ireland.

Whew. With a nice thank-you note, he was on his way.

Thanks to everyone for all the messages over the past few hours. It was a very special week for me. Proud to be a major champion!less than a minute ago via Twittelator Favorite Retweet ReplyRory Mcilroy


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