A cyclist pedaling through the wide open spaces of South Africa was the victim of an odd collision with a wild animal — a collision that just happened to be videotaped.

Evan Van der Spuy, a 17-year-old member of Team Jeep, was flying in the Time Freight MTB Express Mountain race Sunday near Pietermaritzburg when a leaping Red Hartebeest, or antelope, ran smack into him. Travis Walker, his trailing teammate, happened to have a camera strapped to his bike.

The original YouTube video shows Van der Spuy being thrown from the bike as the animal stumbles. At one point, Walker yells, “Holy cow!” The wildebeest jumps up and runs away.

“I saw it coming closer so I braked, thought it would go in between the gap,” Walker said (via ABC News). “It hit him, lifted him off the ground, landed in the grass … he started making weird noises and I didn't know what to do.”

Van der Spuy suffered a minor concussion and whiplash.

“It was,”Walker admitted, “freaky.”