Ndamukong Suh added to Donovan McNabb’s problems Sunday. (Adam Bettcher / GETTY IMAGES)

McNabb’s struggles — he has thrown one pass longer than 24 yards — fuel speculation about when the Christian Ponder era might begin, but Coach Leslie Frazier said that moment hasn’t arrived.

“Whether it be his drops or whether it be the footwork, whatever we need to do to help improve some of those balls that aren't quite on target,” Frazier said Monday (via TwinCities.com). “That's not the only reason we're falling short. That's one of the reasons; there were some other things we've got to work on as a team. Specifically to Donovan, consistent play at the position is what you're always looking for.”

McNabb, according to ESPN 1500, “bristled” when he was asked if he saw anything on tape that needed changing.

“No. I think the thing about it, just when you're critical of yourself and your play, you just look at your reads, you look at how fast you can get the ball out,” McNabb said. “I think obviously footwork and things like that, but that's not just my position — that's from everyone.

“As a quarterback, when you're watching yourself, you're going through everything. It's not just mechanics. It's ball placement, it's ‘is it the right read,’ things like that.”

Minnesota’s problems also include using Adrian Peterson as “the league’s highest-paid decoy,” according to Peterson’s father. But the first target is always the quarterback.

“For me, again, just evaluating myself and just watching each and every week,” McNabb said, “if it's over-striding on the throw, if it's trying to put it outside when the receiver's taking a step inside, whatever it may be, but those things definitely can be corrected and I look forward to it being corrected.”