Tim, Tebowing. (Julie Jacobson / AP)

As with a lot of “SNL” skits, it could have been funnier and Matt Prater, along with the defense, deserved a bigger role. In this sketch, Jason Sudeikis, who played the devil in a skit about the Penn State scandal a few weeks back, did a 180 and entered the Broncos’ locker room as a wisenheimer version of Jesus Christ, telling Tebow to “take it down a notch.” (He also points out that Tom Brady, quarterback of the team the Broncos play today, might be the “nephew” of God, although Bill Belichick has dark origins.)

Tebow’s faith has been a touchy issue; last week, two New York high school athletes were suspended for creating hallway congestion with organized Tebowing. Makes you wish you could just enjoy the football today, when the Patriots and Broncos hook up at 4:15 p.m. EST, doesn’t it?

But back to “SNL.” Was this sketch a cheap shot, a good, harmless laugh or a skit that could have been funnier?


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