The hidden ball trick? Fakery and trickery never works on anyone over the age of about 8, right?

Well, trickery worked for Boise State a few years back. And it worked for the Maryland’s men's lacrosse team Sunday, as it went on to a 13-6 victory over North Carolina in a first-round NCAA tournament game Sunday in Chapel Hill, N.C.

We’d rather not read about the play. We prefer to just enjoy it. But if you must, you can listen to the TV guys try to figure out what happened or read Mike Prada’s description:

Brian Farrell and Grant Catalino met each other outside the offensive zone, and Farrell pretended to flip him the ball. But instead of letting Catalino catch it, he snagged it out of midair just before Catalino could. Catalino then advanced into the teeth of the North Carolina defense, drawing all the UNC defenders to him. Meanwhile, Farrell snuck away on the other side, flipped the ball to Drew Snider, who scored past a completely confused North Carolina goalie Steven Rastivo. The TV commentators had no idea what happened until they slowed down the replay and saw the hidden ball trick.