Wayne Rooney approaches Montenegro's Miodrag Dzudovic with kicking on his mind. (Darko Bandic / AP)

Rooney, whose outburst came on the day his father and uncle were arrested in a football betting scandal, was ejectedfor an angry angry kick at Miodrag Dzudovic during a 2-2 draw in Podgorica.

For that outburst, he could miss up to three matches in next summer’s Euro 2012, depending on how well his letter goes over and how much weight the committee attaches to complimentary comments by the referee about how nicely Rooney comported himself as left the pitch. He will learn the length of the ban, which will be a minimum of one game, Thursday.

Wolfgang Stark pulls out the red card. (Darko Bandic / AP)

Dirty Tackle has an idea. An excerpt:

After hearing what the newspapers said and seeing how angry everyone was on Twitter, I now know that kicking that other player was wrong. If I could go back in time to that moment, I would not kick him. Maybe I would shove him into a massive fire or karate chopped his neck instead because he was a turd and he deserved it, but I would not kick him. But I can't go back in time because I am not Marty McFly. I did recently buy a pair of his shoes though for a lot of money that went to charity. They look cool but they don't lace themselves like in the film. What a rip off.

Anyways, I want to tell u that I am very very very very sorry. That's four verys. Usually when I apologize to my wife Coleen for stuff, I only use three verys and she still accepts my apologies every time and u should too. So, again, I'm very x 4 sorry, I really really really really really want to play as many matches as I can in ur Euro 2012 tournament and my Marty McFly shoes don't lace themselves. Isn't that punishment enough?