Will Rhymes collapses into the arms of Tampa Bay Rays first-base coach George Hendrick Wednesday night. (Chris O'Meara / AP)

In retrospect, perhaps the sound should have been a the first tip-off that this was no ordinary incident in which a batter is struck by a pitch and trots to first base.

The impact of the ball striking the bone in the forearm of Tampa Bay Rays second baseman Will Rhymes sounded like a ball hitting a bat, the “crack” was that distinctive.

Will Rhymes is not Batman, just FYI. (Chris O'Meara / AP)

It was weird, it was scary and, in the end, it was even funny. Rhymes, who was carted off, examined and X-rayed in the locker room, suffered what the Rays said was an adrenaline rush and a bruised arm.

“It literally hit me as hard on the bone, pretty much, as you can be hit. I was like, ‘That's broken,’ ” Rhymes said via tampabay.com. “I'm shocked [that X-rays were negative].”

Rhymes said “my lights went out” for a few moments. “My heart stopped,” Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine said after Tampa Bay’s 2-1 win. “That was not a good sight. That was scary.”

It was, although not particularly to Rhymes. When paramedics followed their routine and asked him his name, “I told them I was Batman just to mess with them.”

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