You can NOT be serious!!!

(Julian Finney/GETTY IMAGES)

Go ahead, you can say it...

“Are you kidding me?”


On the 30th anniversary of their classic 1981 Wimbledon final, John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg announced they are joining forces to release a limited-edition range of box briefs for a good cause.

With 1,483 career victories and 18 Grand Slam titles between them, the duo appear a great fit to challenge that other sports icon on the briefs sales leaderboard.

Here’s McEnroe on what we can expect to see:

“One [style] is colorful and the other is tighty whitey.…I wear short boxers myself.…I think it’s good to express yourself with fashion. I thought the [tennis] clothes we wore back in the day were great. I always liked the short shorts, but nobody seems to agree with me.”

Bjorg has actually been in the tighty-whitey business for more than a decade but what about Johnny Mac? Has he gone soft in his old age? Who would have predicted such a partnership 30 years ago when the fro-topped, walking temper tantrum was chewing out every chair umpire he encountered?

To be fair, McEnroe’s short white shorts aren’t far off from the look of his knew knickers.

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