Young elephant 'Nelly' has a knack for predicting World Cup match winners. (FABIAN BIMMER/REUTERS)

First it was Paul the Octopus, the eight-limbed version of Miss Cleo who correctly predicted the outcome of every Germany match — and the tournament final — in the 2010 World Cup.

Well, now there’s a new German soccer oracle: Nelly the elephant.

The prognosticating pachyderm has been predicting the outcome of Women’s World Cup matches by kicking a ball into a goal adorned with the flag of the losing team.

So where should you place your bet for Sunday’s final between the United States and Japan?

Not where American hopefuls would like, as it turns out. Nelly reportedly “nutmegged” an invisible Hope Solo, planting her flag on the upstart Japanese to upset the U.S. and quash Abby Wambach and company’s hopes of a first World Cup title since 1999.

Oh nein!

Then again, what does Nelly know? She’s just an 18-month-old elephant with some dribbling skills.

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