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Chiefs fans win Halloween. And all the holidays.

His new team is 3-0 and rolling. Michael Vick and his old team are struggling under Chip Kelly.

Former Eagles coach may be first of this year's fired coaches to find a new job.

There are seven coaching vacancies in the NFL and the Eagles' former coach will interview for two of them. For starters.

Two disappointing seasons spelled the end for the NFL's longest-tenured coach in Philadelphia.

The Eagles will part ways with their long-time head coach after a disappointing season.

Despite what he says, this is likely to be his last game for the Eagles. Which means he'll be trying to impress other teams.

The Eagles' last home game of a dismal season may just be their coach's in the Linc, as well.

The Philadelphia Eagles' running back has recovered from his concussion; so has Michael Vick, but he's listed as the third QB.

There's no sign that the son of the Philadelphia Eagles' coach was distributing the drugs to anyone else, authorities say.

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