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A South Carolina girl proves to be the team's most compassionate supporter.

“I opened it and my face was just filled with joy,” Cade Pope said.

The defensive end, awaiting a jury trial in his domestic violence case, is still on the commissioner's exempt list, so he is still eligible to get paid.

Seattle gets home-field advantage, while Carolina gets a great shot at actually attaining a .500 record.

This on top of a stinky, season-ending performance at home against the Panthers.

The quarterback makes his first public comments via Instagram since being involved in a car accident.

Rivals vie for first place in the NFC South in the first NFL contest of Week 9.

Carolina, San Francisco met earlier this season, with Panthers winning in Candlestick Park.

How many undergraduates have their own statue on campus?

cam Newton busts out of his disappointing season with a stellar performance in his "Monday Night Football" debut.

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