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The manager shows he's well aware that the NHL playoffs are going on.

The ball was caught by the protective netting, but the woman was standing in front of her seat and the netting had enough slack that the ball still made contact with the fan.

Fans find more awesome things to do while waiting for a World Series title.

The third baseman put on a Ruthian display of power during spring training.

The high-priced Cubs pitcher appears to have an official Problem.

Some Chicagoans are probably disappointed that Clark the Cub didn't go down.

The spring-training event raised some funds as it lopped off some locks.

His period as a free agent, after leaving the Rays, was brief, as expected.

"Clark" is his name, Chicago baseball (sadly) is his game.

That's the thanks he gets for trying to shield her from a Travis Wood home-run ball.

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