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Bengals lineman Devon Still happily reports the news about his young daughter.

A recent examination found no 'active disease' in the 4-year-old's body.

The Bengals quarterback played poorly, and he heard about it.

The Bengals coach tied a record by going 0-6 in the playoffs, but he has steadied a team that was in disarray when he arrived 12 years ago.

Pittsburgh's Week 17 win over Cincinnati gives it a home game in the first round -- against bitter rival Baltimore.

Devon Still hurried to be by daughter Leah's side as she got stem-cell treatment

The Cincinnati quarterback had an epically miserable performance in Thursday night's loss to Cleveland.

Cincinnati presents a check for $1.3 million to fight pediatric cancer on behalf of the four-year-old daughter of a Bengals lineman.

Kevin Huber, who has broken jaw and vertebra, is out for the season. Terence Garvin can expect a fine.

Helmet of Steelers' Terence Gavin hit Kevin Huber squarely in the chin.

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