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In fairness, did Jeter know who the wrestler was?

The Yankees shortstop explored the matter while the team was up for sale in 2014.

The legendary athletes are set to join a massive, all-star cast.

One can only imagine that Jeter's parents haven't spent too many moments embarrassed to have him for a son.

The shortstop has the game-winning hit in his Yankee Stadium swan song. Just ridiculous.

A threat of rain can't stop the legendary player from giving the crowd what it wants in his final game at Yankee Stadium.

If so, the least the Cardinals pitcher could have done was stay mum.

Pitcher will make final start at Yankee Stadium on Sunday, "Mariano Rivera Day" at the ballpark.

Captain is expected to play, although it isn't sure whether he'll be at shortstop or designated hitter.

Team's president says his Lab is "like Derek Jeter."

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