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Just a bunch of NBA superstars, chilling in the Bahamas.

The Miami star had opted out of his contract, looking for a multi-year deal, but he'll 'settle' for a $4 million raise and a chance to try again in next year's even more cash-rich free agent market.

Wade's 12-year career in Miami might be over.

The guard may just be trying to pressure the Heat into giving him the contract he wants, or could he really play elsewhere next season?

The Miami guard had a possible slip of the tongue on national TV before Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

The Heat guard completed a four-day class at Harvard Business School. Take that, LeBron!

Yes, the Miami Heat.

LeBron James may not be in a discount-giving mood, but the other members of Miami's Big Three are reportedly more willing to take less for the team

There was less star power for the Lakers with Kobe Bryant out, but more firepower from the Heat.

Actress, as you would expect, got the better part of the deal at the team's holiday party.

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