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It seems odd, because it's only May. Oh, and it's GENO SMITH.

Manning received a warm welcome, but his Denver Broncos lost 39-33 Sunday night. Week 7 was also dominated by multiple injuries to star players.

Jets' quarterback defends himself in the midst of controversy.

Shoulder injury puts quarterback's career with the New York Jets in jeopardy.

Jets quarterback will see Dr. James Andrew as Geno Smith steps up.

When Mark Sanchez recovers from shoulder injury, can he win his job back?

New Jersey governor releases his inner fan when he fills in on sports talk radio.

Jets' backup QB gets four-year deal.

Jets Coach Rex Ryan is disappointed at first effort to cut down on turnovers.

The biggest challenge is likely to come from Geno Smith, with New York down to four QBs on the roster now.

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