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The defensive tackle brought some roses to a young woman's hospital bed, as well as a special surprise.

Isn't it tough to swing? Or see?

The tight end is expected to receive a contract averaging $9 million per year over an unspecified period.

Yes, something sort of exciting happened in Thursday's Titans-Jaguars game.

The actor gamely pressed on, trying to provide some drama in the 'TNF' intro segment.

The football field-sized displays are impressive, even if what they display often won't be.

Twitter spat erupts between the 5-0 and 0-5 teams.

There isn't much demand among for him among Jacksonville Jaguars fans.

Jacksonville has scored 11 points in two games and one group would like to welcome back a native son.

The NFL trade deadline is Thursday and already one report has surfaced -- and been shot down -- about Tim Tebow.

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