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Sports stars — they're just like us!

Manning received a warm welcome, but his Denver Broncos lost 39-33 Sunday night. Week 7 was also dominated by multiple injuries to star players.

Baltimore quarterback learned his second child and wife were fine an hour before kickoff.

Ravens will play NFL season opener on the road -- where a loss still stings.

Baltimore Ravens' QB will handle only the football scenes, though.

Wide receiver has declined Super Bowl champions' request that he take a $2 million pay cut.

Baltimore Ravens' low-key QB has 120 million reasons to do something crazy...but won't.

QB is expected to sign new, six-year deal, worth $120.6 million, today.

Super Bowl MVP says he wants to be a Raven "for life," but his contract is up.

The Ravens' quarterback is likely to be among the game's highest paid. Which is handy with his second child on the way.

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